Monitoring Products Overview

CartaSense is the first and only company to have introduced the Internet-of-Things approach to the wireless sensor monitoring market. The company’s end-to-end wireless system design helps pharma and agricultural logistics operators meet the need to know the status of their assets everywhere and at any time of the day.

We offer a comprehensive product line to serve the varied needs of pharma and agricultural applications. Battery powered or connected to the grid, our sensing solutions are adaptable to outdoor and indoor applications. With CartaSense wireless sensor technology, you can monitor your valuable pharma and agricultural assets in real-time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and be alerted to any environmental changes, thus enabling timely decision making instead of postmortem analysis.

By adding real-time monitoring capabilities, the safety and security of your assets are enhanced with an advanced, online, automated monitoring solution that reduces manual operational errors and the overall cost of ownership.

Easy to use, CartaSense sensors feature self-healing and adaptive routing capabilities that greatly simplify pharma and agricultural asset monitoring, from the pallet to the retailer’s shelf and throughout the supply chain – in the field, in storage or in transit.

Key Features & Benefits of the CartaSense Product Family:

  • End-to-end wireless sensor networking devices:
    • Omni-U-Sensor is a reusable all-in-one tracker for cold chain environmental conditions monitoring
    • U-sensors – Small, disposable field sensors that also function as loggers, routers and wireless network repeaters
    • U-sensors – Plus – residential sensors for warehouses and storage applications
    • M-sensors – Field sensors designed for specific agricultural applications
      • MS-AIR: Environmental temperature monitors
      • MS-SOIL: Soil moisture monitors
      • MS-SUN: Solar radiation monitors
    • U-sensor Gateways – Access units featuring various interfaces suited to:
      • Fixed wireless networks
      • Ethernet LANs
      • Mobile GPS/GPRS dashboard
      • Outdoor units designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions