A Revolution
in Cold Chain Logistics

Service Offering

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Set up system and access real time intelligence 24/7, simply, with a click of a button.

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Our self-contained, award winning sensors are easy to operate and provide
real time information to the cloud at all times.

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You will receive alerts wherever you are in the world, even regarding a developing threat
your shipment may encounter along the way; you are empowered to act.

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When your package reaches its destination you can be confident of the quality,
as you have a full history of every moment of its trip.


Predictive Analytics

The CartaSense service is designed to predict adverse conditions that can lead to a lost shipment.

Pioneering the use of AI algorithms in our service, CartaSense helps you avoid shipment failures. Collecting analytics from thousands of shipments and from weather predictions around the globe, the algorithms can determine expected failures and provide you with alerts before your cargo is affected.   

Welcome to the future!

About Us

CartaSense unleashes the future of cold chain  transport: You, in control. Everywhere.  Real-time Intelligence Powered by AI Anticipates Potential Problems.

Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and other temperature-sensitive cargo leave you no room for error.
Sure, your sensor will tell you what happened. When it’s too late.
CartaSense provides you with a comprehensive 24/7 cloud service, giving you access to information in real time – so you can take the actions necessary before a problem arises.

Cartasense protects you from reputation loss and financial loss – and can save lives.

We are with you every step of the way.
CartaSense puts you in control of your shipments – wherever they are in the world.

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