Technology Overview

We are committed to the Internet of Things (IoT) approach – from the single-sensor to the whole-site level, our wireless sensor mesh network delivers real-time information over the web, allowing our customers to effortlessly monitor and control their assets everywhere, anytime.

Unique Wireless Mesh Network

CartaSense wireless sensor network (WSN) solutions were designed around the unique requirements of the agro-industrial environment.

Unlike conventional solutions, all of our monitoring devices are wireless and battery based. They can take measurements, log data and function as repeaters for other devices. Our sensors run on single coin batteries, consume very little power and have life times of up to five years.

Based on a 433MHz frequency and multi-hop technology and featured with self-arranging and self-healing capabilities, CartaSense wireless sensor network solutions are optimized for long-range communication and rapidly adapt to environmental changes. (See diagram of a typical network below.)

Typical, real-life CartaSense mesh network architecture

CartaSense offers end-to-end wireless solutions, from the basic, one-time-use U-sensor to the M sensor family for agricultural applications and the fixed, LAN, and dashboard gateways family up to the API for rapid application development.

End-to-End Wireless Sensor Network

Our wireless mesh technology enables fast and low cost deployment, eliminates the need for radio professionals and does not require special, externally powered nodes.
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