Service Offering

Online Cloud Access

Online Cloud Access

The system is easy to set up and access in real time with the simple click of a button. 

Shipments Monitored Everywhere

Shipments Monitored Everywhere

Our self-contained, award winning sensors are easy to operate and provide  real time information to the cloud at all times.

Real Time Alerts

Real Time Alerts

You will receive alerts wherever you are in the world, even regarding a developing threat your shipment may encounter along the way; you are empowered to act.

Delivered Safely

Delivered Safely

When your package reaches its destination you can be confident of the quality, as you have a full history of every moment of its trip.

  • Deliver quality products – solidifying your reputation for excellence
  • Solve problems before they occur – saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on lost shipments

What is the CartaSense Service?

Implementing some of the most innovative ideas in cold chain monitoring, CartaSense keeps real-time track of your cargo, from warehouse to final destination. The sensors themselves have been awarded for European Eco Innovation – because they are revolutionary self-contained transmitters that ALWAYS WORK: wireless, battery operated and based on a self organized network. You will know exactly where your shipment is, its temperature and relative humidity –   and you will be alerted if a potential excursion is expected.

The CartaSense service uses AI to evaluate the likelihood of your cargo undergoing a threatening temperature or humidity change and alerts you – and any custodians utilizing our system – in real time, enabling assigned stake holders to resolve the problem before it occurs.

How does it work?

  • Sensors: Deliver real time data to the cloud, keeping track of the data if a network becomes unavailable.

Our sensors, are easily set up through the management system even after they are packed into a shipment. Indicating temperature in the cargo as well as humidity and location, the wireless, state of the art sensors are part of our  unique Wireless Mesh Network which improves and simplifies communication at lower cost. The batteries operate for up to a year, making the sensors extremely easy to employ.

  • Cloud connectivity: Our cloud based system receives the raw data , in real time, from each and every sensor.

Each of your stakeholders and custodians can access data on the shipment through their dedicated cloud account and set the specific alarms and views relevant to their responsibilities. Users have a transparent view of the cargo’s condition at all times, and will be actively informed  if something goes wrong or  is about to go wrong, leaving enough time to take corrective action. In the  event that a network connectivity is lost when cargo is in the air, data will be saved and downloaded when on the ground and reconnected.

  • AI Functionality: calculates possible outcomes to anticipate excursions before they affect your goods.

AI calculates statistics of the route and assesses problems that are likely develop many hours before they occur. This revolutionary ability empowers the responsible party to solve the issue before it ends in a discarded shipment.

The CartaSense solution gives each custodian access to data and AI calculations based on real-time, gathered information. Providing an accurate indication of any risks your shipment may encounter, CartaSense gives you time to correct potential failures so that the shipment will  land safely at its  destination.

What does this mean for you?

  • The temperature begins to drop on a shipment, indicating that it may go below acceptable range at a certain spot along its route. You receive an alert in real time, enabling you to send someone to solve the problem.
  • A shipment is left in a non-temperature-controlled area: we can track its exact location so you can instruct the relevant stakeholder to get to it and fix the problem.
  • The shipment is in a plane and you will only have access to its information upon landing. You discover that the temperature went out of range when on board. You have the option to avoid sending the cargo to the end client, saving your reputation and costs. You can then immediately replace the shipment at minimum loss.
  • A shipment has been packaged incorrectly and the temperature begins to approach the set limits. You are alerted of the expected problem before the cargo even leaves the warehouse, allowing for repackaging – and saving the shipment.

And more…

CartaSense transforms the capabilities of cold chain shipping – and empowers you with more tools to solve the problems that arise.

Regulatory Compliance:

The CartaSense system is designed with the particular needs of the pharmaceutical industry in mind. We understand the sensitivity of your cargo – and the damage a small shift in temperature can cause. Our service was designed with you in mind: so that you meet the requirements of your regulatory agencies with careful tracking of your shipments, while also ensuring potent product arriving at its end destination, maintaining your reputation as a company to trust.

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