Cold-Chain Quality Control

Reduce the risk to your temperature-sensitive products: Timely alerts and informative reports will help you take proactive corrective actions, shorten your quality improvement cycle and increase your profits

Whether it is pharma Good Distribution Practice (GDP), the shelf life of fruits and vegetables or meat safety, CartaSense provides a solution to ensure across the entire supply chain that all products are optimally stored and shipped.

Simplifying the temperature and humidity monitoring process, CartaSense offers uniquely easy- to-use sensors that enable the quality of pharmaceuticals and fresh produce to be maintained in storage or during transit. Using our solution helps you comply with the GDP in every climate. No need for special skills, just place a sensor in the pallet, and our system automatically recognizes it, tags it in the pallet, and begins collecting and logging data.

Should a change in temperature occur, you will receive an immediate SMS or email alert containing information not just about temperature level, but pinpointing the exact pallet affected so that you can take timely action and prevent delays or loss of goods.