Agricultural Monitoring

With 24/7 real-time monitoring of grain silo bags, greenhouses and crop fields, CartaSense wireless sensor networks enable seamless visibility direct to your computer and smartphone

CartaSense offers innovative wireless sensor network solutions, providing real-time measurements of the silo bag environment. Using the Internet-of-Things approach, our system provides global coverage of silo bag assets, directly accessible from a computer or smartphone.

Located inside and outside the silo bags, our wireless sensors measure temperature and relative humidity and then transmit the data in real-time to a central location.

The CartaSense monitoring system ensures the security, safety and quality of silo bags and their content, minimizing your losses and accelerating return on investment.

In the event of theft from or damage to your silo bag, you will receive a real-time alert, either by email or SMS, so you can take immediate corrective action. The alert information specifies both the location of the silo bag and the problem.

Precise Agricultural Monitoring
Precise monitoring of air and soil is essential for agricultural crop quality and yield. To provide the optimal conditions for your crops, CartaSense M-sensor products with flexible probe interfaces will deliver critical environmental status information to your desktop and smartphone.

Years of worry-free battery operation and easy installation using a single gateway that requires minimum maintenance combine to make our system affordable.